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The project aims to understand the origin and estimate the quantity of litter, and especia.

Specific actions

- Monitoring of accumulated macro waste
- Raising awareness of pollution and encouraging reflection on waste life cycles
- Testing mapping with drones to estimate waste quantities

Project in test phase
  • Mozambique

Mozambique, Limpopo and Komati River deltas and the Inhambane coastline outside Maputo

Type of project : Field

Participation period : All year

Level of involvement : Once a day

Photo credits Dovela
Photo credits Dovela

Project description

  • Several macro waste accumulation monitoring plots (over 2.5 cm) have been set up along the river deltas and Mozambican coast and are monitored by local observers.
  • These plots are also used to raise awareness among different groups (schoolchildren, tourists, members of the community) of pollution in Mozambique and to encourage reflection on waste life cycles and their spatial distribution (source, significant climate events). 
  • A protocol for estimating the amount of waste using drones is being tested.

The project is part of the WIODER network activities (www.widoder.org) on Indian Ocean deltas.

The participation

Training required

Short training on the monitoring protocol is required


Stéphanie Duvail

Stéphanie Duvail

Chargée de Recherche à l’IRD


Patrimoines locaux, Environnement et Globalisation (PALOC

Dinis Juizo

Dinis Juizo

Professeur d’Hydrologie

Département d’ingénierie civile

Dinis Juizo

Département d’ingénierie civile

Paolo Paron

Paolo Paron


Institute of Water Education