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Develop comprehensive, scientific and shared knowledge of the urban environment

Specific actions

For example :
– Observe lichens to understand air quality : Lichens GO! observatory
– Collect plane tree bark to map particles air pollution

Project created
Mainland France

Mainland France

Type of project : Field

Participation period : All year

Level of involvement : Case by case


Project description

PartiCitaE is a citizens’ observatory for the urban environment. Its aims are twofold:

1) Develop systemic knowledge of the urban environment by combining scientific methods and citizen science

2) Support the environmental transition by working on issues that are specific to the urban environment

The observatory aspect of PartiCitaE is an environmental research tool based on standardized long-term data collection protocols. PartiCitaE will use these data to shed light on and determine opportunities for study of targeted scientific issues.

The citizen science aspect of PartiCitaE involves the general public, which is essential for tackling environmental transition issues. This aspect requires interaction between participants and researchers to develop scientific knowledge.

The participation

Training required

case by case

Required equipment

case by case


Laurence EYMARD

Laurence EYMARD

Directrice de Recherche émérite

Sorbonne University


Laurence EYMARD



Ingénieure de recherche - Coordinatrice du programme PartiCitaE

Sorbonne University

Observatoires des sciences de l’Univers Ecce Terra