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Assess the spatial and temporal variations in the abundance of odonata populations.

Specific actions

Standardized counts of common odonata

Project created
Mainland France

Type of project : Field, online

Participation period : Spring, summer


Photo credits credit Martin Jeanmougin

Project description

This observatory is part of the Vigie Nature network.

The methodology is simple and straightforward: observers who want to participate can choose the site that is most convenient.

Within that site, observers count how many odonata they can see or capture. Between three and nine counts are carried out each year.

The dragonfly and habitat surveys are repeated every year at the same points and same dates, weather conditions permitting, by the same observer. 

The program protocol is available on the website, along with various information on how to set up the program.


Benoît Fontaine

Benoît Fontaine

Ingénieur de recherche

Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (MNHN)


Benoît Fontaine

Cédric Van Appelghem

Cédric Van Appelghem

maître de conférences


Cédric Van Appelghem