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While playing, participants annotate text corpora. This annotation will then be used to train natural language processing tools.

Specific actions

After a short training period, players are required to identify grammatical relationships in sentences taken from non-copyrighted texts.

Project created

Type of project : Online

Participation period : every time


Project description

In the field of natural language processing, linguistic resources such as linguistically annotated text corpora are essential. Producing such resources is expensive. An alternative is to use games with a purpose (GWAP). The idea is to engage speakers in a game so that they can produce the desired data while playing. The two main challenges of this approach are to ensure that the game is playable and that the resource produced is linguistically relevant.


Participant testimonials

I came across ZombiLingo, the forerunner of ZombiLUDik, two years ago. At that time, I had just finished my doctoral dissertation in linguistics. To relieve the stress and unwind a bit, I attended seminars close to my home, including a one-day seminar at the University of Louvain (UCLouvain) in Belgium. Among the guest speakers was Karën Fort, who presented her research on “serious games” or “games for science,” a field that was completely new to me. Despite my very limited experience with video games or other online games, I was immediately attracted to the concept, and being a naturally curious person, it wasn’t long before I started to explore the ZombiLingo platform. At first, I had to put my linguist’s instincts aside, but I quickly got into the game. Being able to rise through the levels and challenge other players to a duel appealed to me and I wanted to play as many sentences as possible. I racked up many symbolic trophies and was quite proud of my achievements as a player. Being a researcher myself, knowing I was helping other researchers by playing made me want to keep playing. I’m happy to see that ZombiLingo has now become ZombiLUDik. I look forward to exploring this new game and setting new records.



This project is part of Particip-ARC network.

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Karën Fort

Karën Fort

Maîtresse de conférences en informatique

Sorbonne University


Karën Fort

Bruno Guillaume

Bruno Guillaume

Chercheur à Inria


Bruno Guillaume